A.      The Pre-selection  (first  round) will be undertaken by an expert panel in Vienna based on the submitted  DVDs. This panel‘s decision will be final.

(Submission deadline: 1st September 2019)


B.      Invitations  to the second round will be announced by the competition  office via E-mail. Admission to the competition  enables the candidates to apply to the Foriegn Ministry for a corresponding  visa to enter Austria, if needed.


C.      Every member  of each ensemble must register personally at the competition office (official photo ID required) on

22nd  February 2020.


D.      The order of performance will be determined by lottery on 22nd  February 2020 at the Joseph Haydn Hall prior

to the opening event, in presence of the ensembles. Subsequently, the dates and times of second-round performances will be set for each ensemble. Following each round, that round‘s results will be announced in the competition office.


E.      No lateness of any kind will be tolerated, unless it is compatible with the normal conduct of the competition and due to causes accepted by the competition office following consultation with the organisational committee.


F.      All decisions pertaining to the competition‘s conduct and results are made by the jury and are final.